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Dr. Julie Danielson, Optometric Physician

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Serving the Rogue Valley since 1997, Jacksonville Vision Clinic guarantees quality eye examination services at affordable prices. Contact us today for a routine checkup or if you are experiencing any eye pain or a sudden change in vision.

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Eye exams can tell you more than just the health of your eyes; they can give a look into your overall health status. Eye examinations can unveil signs of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other issues that affect your overall health.

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  • Diabetic exams

  • Eye injury treatment

  • Eye disease treatment

  • Yearly exams

  • Initial and post exams for Lasik, laser and cataract surgery

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At Jacksonville Vision Clinic, you will be given personal attention for the highest quality of eye care. If you are in need of a specialized care we will gladly refer you to a specialist we work closely with.

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